Niamh Dennis

About Niamh

Niamh joined Keeper Pictures as their Development Coordinator in 2022. She got her start in film by working at The Weinstein Company and Warner Brothers Television studio in New York from 2014 to 2016. After her stint in the states Niamh returned home and worked in Animation (Boulder Media), Theatre (The Performance Corporation), Film (Tailored Films) and Writing (The Irish Writers Guild). Outside of her work in Script Editing and Development, Niamh has co-created and written on two shows for RTE (in collaboration with Tailored Films). They are Mini Moguls (2018) and Ace My Space (2019), both of which are Children's television shows. Niamh holds a degree from UCD in Film and English and an M.A from NUIG in Creative Writing.

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Niamh Dennis – Main movie still

What are some great films / TV shows you’ve seen recently?

I really enjoyed TARThe MenuHouse Of The Dragon and The Last of Us this past year. All four were full of great characters, sharp twists and epic endings. But my absolute favourites are Nope and Aftersun. I really enjoy high concept films with plenty of heart and both these films had that in spades. Aftersun was like living in a memory, and it invited the audience into a challenging portrayal of love, mental illness, addiction and loss. Nope managed to capture the true spectacle of cinema in a way I haven’t seen since Jaws. I could talk about Nope forever.

What drew you to working in development?

I’ve always adored film and spent most of my time either watching, reading or writing scripts. It was the only thing I wanted to do and I chose to study Film in University and then interned at The Weinstein Company in New York.  Development is so appealing because you get to encourage writers to hone their voices, and provide tangible feedback with the perspective of a fan/viewer. My best days at work involve meeting writers, reading new scripts and pitching stories we may want to develop to the producers at Keeper. It really is the best job and I couldn’t be prouder to work here.

What kind of projects are you drawn to?

I specialise in children’s media, horror and genre films. When I’m reading I’m looking for good pacing, strong dialogue and a story I think about long after I close the page. I’m drawn to projects that have diverse characters and pose questions regarding identity, the collective human experience, childhood, loss, love and fear. Thats not to say I don’t love a good comedy, even better if there’s a supernatural or otherworldly element thrown in.

What’s a favourite song of yours?

Oh, I have so many but three that come to mind are:

Goodbye Stranger” by Supertramp

When You’re Gone” by The Cranberries

And She Was” by The Talking Heads.