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Striking Out is a drama series centring on the tumultuous professional and personal life of Dublin-based solicitor, Tara Kearns, and her fledging divorce and family law firm. With Tara’s wit, guile and curiosity we explore the nature of contemporary family and relationships.

Following the discovery that her fiancé and co-worker Eric has been cheating with another colleague, Tara breaks up with him, moves out of their home, quits her job at the golden circle law firm she works for, and sets up her own firm specialising in divorce and family law. Tara comes to realise that up to this point her life’s roadmap had been pre-determined for her – and she’d gone along happily with this. Emerging from this seismic change, Tara is determined to write a new story for herself. But she has to start from scratch professional and personally. The series is motivated by Tara’s pursuit of truth in the areas of family and divorce law: why do relationships break down, why do people who love each other hurt each other, why do people cheat? The questions are endless.

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The actors here are worth the investment, particularly Huberman, who is both magnetic and relatable

Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

Production Overview

Premiering in 2017, legal drama STRIKING OUT ran for two season on RTÉ.


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