The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

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The makers of THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO CINEMA return with THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY. Philosopher Slavoj Žižek and filmmaker Sophie Fiennes use their interpretation of moving pictures to present a compelling cinematic journey into the heart of ideology – the dreams that shape our collective beliefs and practices.

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Žižek proves to be a master entertainer, playing with complex ideas as if he was spinning plates

The Independent on Sunday

Production Overview

THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY was a long time in development. Following discussions and email exchanges, Fiennes created a 100 page document drawn from Žižek texts. The film was shot on location in California and all remaining interior footage was shot in Dublin, Ireland. Sets were built in Ardmore Studios and the shoot took place over ten days in September 2011. The editing took almost a year, and post-production was all carried out in Ireland.


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