Keeper Pictures Awarded Creative Europe MEDIA Slate Funding

In 2022, the remarkable achievements of Irish companies were recognized as they secured over €1.3 million in Slate Funding awards from Creative Europe. Among these successful companies, we’re delighted that Keeper Pictures have been included in this selection as recipients of funding for a captivating development slate comprising four exceptional projects—two feature films and two TV series which include the work of writer/director Kate Dolan in BREED, and the adaptation of Karen Russell's poignant short story, ORANGE WORLD, skilfully brought to life by writer Ailbhe Keogan, director Claire Dix and producer Roisin Geraghty – the creative team behind our recent project SUNLIGHT.
Keeper Pictures Awarded Creative Europe MEDIA Slate Funding – Main movie still

The number of companies granted funding through Creative Europe varies annually, influenced by a multitude of factors. For Keeper Pictures, this opportunity to nurture these captivating female-led projects has ignited a profound sense of excitement and gratitude. We understand the tremendous power of women’s storytelling, as it shines a radiant light on untold narratives, challenges societal norms, and offers a profound sense of representation and empowerment.

At Keeper Pictures, the significance of amplifying women’s voices is deeply cherished, recognising their unique perspectives, insights, and creative brilliance. This commitment nurtures a vibrant and inclusive cultural landscape that benefits all who engage with it. With unwavering dedication, Keeper Pictures honours the brilliance of women’s voices, harnessing their power to create meaningful and captivating storytelling experiences that resonate with audiences far and wide.

Managing Director Katie Holly had this to say;

‘After our recent rebrand, Keeper Pictures are thrilled to have been awarded Creative Europe’s MEDIA slate funding, it’s a real endorsement of our vision, our team and our slate of projects at this exciting moment for the company. Slate funding will help us build our reach, our capacity and our team, and it gives us the resources to be nimble, ambitious and progressive on our slate of film and TV projects which includes BREED, written and directed by Kate Dolan (YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER); and ORANGE WORLD based on Karen Russell’s short story which reunites us with the SUNLIGHT team, with Ailbhe Keogan adapting for the screen, directed by Claire Dix and produced with Roisin Geraghty. We love being a home and creative partner for entertaining, meaningful stories from brilliant original voices across both film and TV, and this support from Creative Europe enables us to continue to amplify voices and ensure that we can get the best out of our productions as they come to life, and to make them stories that last for audiences everywhere.’